Book List

1/2/2022The Civil War, Vol. 1: Fort Sumter to PerryvilleShelby FooteABook Notes I
1/10/2022The Civil War, Vol 2: Fredericksburg to MeridianShelby FooteABook Notes I
1/13/2022The Oxford Book of Greek Verse in TranslationVariousABook Notes I
1/17/2022The Civil War, Vol. 3: Red River to AppomattoxShelby FooteABook Notes I
1/18/2022The Burnt Orange HeresyCharles WillefordBBook Notes I
1/18/2022Around the World in 80 DaysJules VerneCBook Notes I
1/20/2022The Unknown MasterpieceHonoré de BalzacABook Notes I
1/21/2022ConfusionStefan ZweigABook Notes II
1/23/2022The Biggest Game in TownA. AlvarezABook Notes II
1/24/2022The Presocratic PhilosophersKirk, Raven, and SchofieldCBook Notes II
1/25/2022Channel OneOwen CyclopsBBook Notes II
1/29/2022The Faithful ExecutionerJoel HarringtonBBook Notes II
2/7/2022The KnightGene WolfeABook Notes III
2/9/2022Selected Poems and FragmentsFriedrich HölderlinABook Notes III
2/15/2022The WizardGene WolfeABook Notes III
2/16/2022The Little PrinceAntoine de Saint-ExupérySBook Notes III
2/16/2022The Man Who Planted TreesJean GionoBBook Notes III
2/18/2022New Hope for the DeadCharles WillefordCBook Notes III
2/22/2022The Failure of TechnologyFriedrich Georg JüngerABook Notes IV, Tagged
2/25/2022A Month in the CountryJ.L. CarrABook Notes IV
2/28/2022Night FlightAntoine de Saint-ExupéryBBook Notes IV
3/5/2022The Forest PassageErnst JüngerSBook Notes IV, Tagged
3/9/2022The Book of KnightsYves MeynardABook Notes IV
3/14/2022A King AloneJean GionoBBook Notes IV
3/17/2022Warsaw 1920Adam ZamoyskiBBook Notes IV
3/19/2022The Grand Strategy of the Habsburg EmpireA. Wess MitchellBBook Notes V
3/25/2022Metternich: Strategist and VisionaryWolfram SiemannBBook Notes V
3/31/2022RemainsAnspach and ColeBBook Notes V
4/5/2022Storm of SteelErnst JüngerSBook Notes V
4/6/20221491Charles MannCBook Notes V
4/10/2022Catherine the GreatRobert MassieA
4/12/2022Bel-AmiGuy de MaupassantB
4/13/2022Pietr the LatvianGeorges SimenonB
4/14/2022The Carter of La ProvidenceGeorges SimenonB
4/15/2022The Hanged Man of Saint-PholienGeorges SimenonB
4/15/2022The Yellow DogGeorges SimenonB
4/16/2022The Night at the CrossroadsGeorges SimenonB
4/17/2022The Grand Banks CaféGeorges SimenonB
4/18/2022Four QuartetsT.S. EliotSTagged
4/18/2022FontamaraIgnazio SiloneB
4/19/2022A Crime in HollandGeorges SimenonB
4/21/2022A Man’s HeadGeorges SimenonB
4/24/2022The Dancer at the Gai-MoulinGeorges SimenonB
4/25/2022The Two-Penny BarGeorges SimenonB
4/28/2022The Shadow PuppetGeorges SimenonB
5/3/2022The Situation of the Catholic NovelistTrevor MerrillC
5/4/2022Contemplative RealismJoshua HrenC
5/6/2022The Collected Novellas of Stefan ZweigStefan ZweigA
5/9/2022Last ContactAnspach and ColeB
5/15/2022What is PhilosophyDietrich von HildebrandB
5/19/2022The New ScienceVicoSTagged
5/21/2022Red HarvestHammettA
5/23/2022The Dain CurseHammettB
5/25/2022Concrete JungleMartinC
5/26/2022The Maltese FalconHammettB
5/29/2022The Glass KeyHammettB
6/2/2022Icarus FallenDelsolB
6/6/2022Strange CompanyColeB
6/9/2022The Point of View for My Work as an AuthorKierkegaardATagged
6/12/2022The King of All ThingsSavageC
6/14/2022The Dominion of the DeadHarrisonATagged
6/15/2022Three TalesFlaubertA
6/21/2022The Index of Self Destructive ActsBehaB
6/24/2022Fools, Frauds, and FirebrandsScrutonC
6/27/2022Notes from UndergroundDostoevskyS
7/1/2022Last CallPowersA
7/4/2022Notes from a Dead HouseDostoevskyA
7/4/2022The Concept of the PoliticalSchmittA
7/5/2022Shooting StarsZweigB
7/8/2022Irrational ManBarrettA
7/12/2022Moby DickMelvilleS
7/13/2022Vico’s Science of the ImaginationVereneBTagged
7/16/2022Meaning in HistoryLowithBTagged
7/20/2022Voodoo WarfareColeB
7/26/2022The FrontiersmenEckertA
8/2/2022The Tragic Sense of LifeUnamunoBTagged
8/7/2022The Philosophy of ExistenceMarcelA
8/13/2022American TabloidEllroyA
8/16/2022The Cold Six ThousandEllroyB
8/23/20221914-1918 The History of the First World WarStevensonB
8/26/2022The Wasteland and Other WritingsEliotS
8/30/2022Helmet for My PillowLeckieA
9/4/2022The Black DahliaEllroyA
9/10/2022Caesar: A SketchFroudeB

S-Tier: Excellent
A-Tier: Very Good
B-Tier: Good/Solid
C-Tier: Below Average
D-Tier: Trash

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