Between Two Worlds

Key to understanding the self is the recognition that we are mediating beings, interposed between two worlds, spiritual and material, infinite and temporal. Created as we are in imago Dei, we mirror the hypostatic union of apparent opposites.

This union is the root of our despair but also the grounds of our greatness. The possibility of despair and the possibility of salvation are two sides of the same coin. A worm does not despair. Pascal teaches us this, so does life.

Sin has severed the connective tissue of love that bound our two halves, now we are divided between greatness and misery, unable to be at home in either. We are alienated from the material world, and our senses deadened to the spiritual. Every moment resonates with our inability to reconcile the two.

It is only in and through Christ that the reunification of the cleavage at the heart of man is brought about. This is why we must emulate Christ to escape despair and to end the endless disquiet within our souls.

donec requiescat in te

3 responses to “Between Two Worlds”

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